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You only barely bought your car, but it is already time to consider whether to be dedicated to the car dealership for your constant maintenance and care, or to look for a respected independent mechanic shop that offers all of your automotive repairs and maintenance needs. A local automotive shop may have a much better chance of earning your loyalty and your trust because they add a friendlier, personalized touch and actually allow you to realize that they truly do value your business. They are also not required to pressure into certain up-charges and services that you may not need. The repair experts at Bob’s Repairs offer the most affordable and efficient automotive services in Fraser Valley for all your repair needs.

At Bob’s Repairs, we are known as the most trustworthy and reputable repair shop that provides quality automotive services in Fraser Valley, and throughout the entire area. We are a local, family-owned and -operated repair shop that has served our community for over the past forty years. Our professional mechanics and technicians are all certified and formally educated, and they have the knowledge of servicing all makes and models of vehicles, unlike the typical car dealership. Most of our clients know us by name, and they are happy to refer many of their friends and family members to our shop. Most of our business is based on word of mouth and the good things that people have to say about us. If you call and say your car is creating a funny racket with clicking or banging sounds, usually an established independent mechanic shop is able to hone in quickly on the possible reason, possibly saving you cash in the long-term and diagnostic repair bills. Many dealership garages are actually staffed by younger, less experienced mechanics, but they do have the leverage of the dealership backing them. But usually an independent mechanic shop owner has many years of auto mechanic repairs under their belt and they often would have started out at a dealership to get their experience and certifications before branching out on their own. Any nearby mechanic shop has the upper hand on providing its clients with personal, individualized service. They know your spouse's name, your children's names and where they go to school. They most likely know how long you have had your current ride, what your last car was, the reason why you sold it, and what you're hoping your next car to be. However not any of that is always an adequate reason to give your business to the local guy, but in today's fast paced world there's a gradual simmering trend towards moving back again to personalized service with an extra touch. If you would like some additional information for choosing your automotive services in Fraser Valley from Bob’s Repairs, please visit our website. On our website, you can leave your questions online for a fast response. You can also simply call us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable repair experts.



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